a GurL's StoRy

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cheras, KL, Malaysia
a lil bit bout me eyh? a simple gurl, sweet perhaps? loud, food lover, creepy n bla bla bla.

...GoaL & NeXt GoaL...

  • blessed by Allah all the time
  • put a big smile on MOM & DAD faces
  • cook like top chefs
  • be a student of an university
  • driving license and vroommmm
  • DIVING license
  • live as an ocean
  • SNOW do greet me
  • get love and be loved
  • get marry (suuweeeeiitttt)
  • ride a white horse and scream
  • play swords like Zorro's wife
  • good in archery
  • proceed MASTER
  • rest in peace with Allah's mercy

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